Noyce Knights Scholars Program (NKSP) Compliance Form

All Noyce scholarship or stipend recipients MUST abide by the requirements of the National Science Foundation’s Noyce Program and sign this compliance form in accordance with the federally mandated Public Law (P.L. 110-69, SEC. 7030) as a legally binding agreement with the institution, prior to being accepted to the Noyce Knights Scholars Program (NKSP).  A Noyce scholar must teach at a high-need public school district, as defined by National Science Foundation’s Noyce Program that is based on section 201 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1021). All NKSP scholarship/stipend recipients must fulfill their mandatory teaching obligation as a certified teacher at a JCPS (or another high-need public school district) middle or high school (based on the teaching certification) for at least two years for each year of scholarship/stipend received within 6 years after graduation. Noyce scholarship/stipend amount will revert to a loan that needs to be repaid (plus any associated interest) to the institution, if a Noyce scholar (the institution’s Financial Aid office is responsible for returning the money to the U.S. Treasury):

  • withdraws from the NKSP program prior to completion or
  • fails to maintain good academic standing level in the teacher certification program and graduate with the minimum GPA requirement or
  • is dismissed from the teacher certification program or institution for disciplinary reasons or
  • fails to complete all the Noyce Knights Scholars Program (NKSP) requirements or
  • fails to obtain a teaching certification or
  • fails to complete the mandatory teaching obligation (as stated above) or do not intend to fulfill the mandatory teaching obligation.

If a circumstance occurs during the mandatory teaching obligation period, the scholarship/stipend amount must be repaid as a proportion of the total scholarship/stipend received, prorated to reflect partial teaching completion. Noyce graduates will be required to provide verification of employment as a middle or high school every year to ensure they are fulfilling their mandatory teaching obligation period. Additionally, Noyce graduates must provide their current contact information (address, email and phone number) every year to the NKSP Co-Directors. The Financial Aid Director and Dr. Akhtar Mahmood (NKSP Co-Director) will jointly oversee compliance requirements.