Health 110 Introduction to Healthcare Professions

Health 110: Introduction to Health Care Professions from Bellarmine University on Vimeo.

Bellarmine has partnered with Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) Health Academies and Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTS) to offer a free course for students interested in healthcare to learn more about their options in pursuing a rewarding healthcare career while earning college credit!

The 1-credit HLTH 110 (Introduction to Health Care Professions) course provides students with an overview of the healthcare system in the United States, so they gain greater perspective and proficiency for their future careers in the healthcare industry. The class includes content related to various healthcare settings, the continuum of care, long-term care and services, multiple professions in healthcare settings, determinants of health, financial considerations, interprofessional teamwork and collaboration, and leadership in health settings.

Students tailor their learning experience based on analyses of professional interests and abilities, with assignments geared at helping students explore relevant careers of interest. Additionally, students are exposed to faculty from the various health-related departments at Bellarmine (e.g., health and aging services leadership, nursing, respiratory therapy, physical therapy, medical lab science) through a panel presentation, and receive relevant, practical career advice from Bellarmine’s Career Development Center and an employer panel from local healthcare providers. 

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